Right now I probably going to get sooooo much hate like the hole forum just shouting at me but I just thought I should bring this up. Scriptfodder is a Marketplace where Developers can release thier scripts and make some money and script fodder takes a cut and VAT comes in to it as well. The website it’s self is basically a normal BootStrap Website. But I want to make a point that most the admins sell scripts like a lot of scripts, they make thousands of pounds from them. Now I am banned but I don’t care and to be honest I don’t deserve a perma ban but I ain’t here to bitch about the ban I just use an alt. The community forums are the shittys place I have ever seen, admins are cocky fucks. Gmod needs another marketplace which isn’t run but users. For example it’s like the owners of EBay being the number 1 seller on thier website. This can lead to bans given out to counter oppositions and such. Thier are small market places but non as popular as Scriptfodder. I also know the admins are active on this forums so cant wait for thier response but I really hate scriptfodder because of thier whole mentality. I tried to get unbanned and the thread got denied because I got banned a week ago… I would think that any time is a good time to apply to get a perma ban, unbanned :slight_smile:

Right I am ready for the hate

If you want a competitor, create one yourself. Many have tried and failed due to how expansive SF already is and how little dissent there is from developers.

BS is a framework for developing the frontend…not the backend. In addition, their bootstrap theme is custom. What exactly is wrong with BS? Do you prefer they use a less popular framework? Do you prefer they use no existing frameworks at all? Does the framework they use really even matter if they customize all the CSS for it??

Holy shit. They’re GMod developers and they’re selling scripts on their GMod marketplace. Oh, the tyranny. You act as if they feature every one of their scripts on the front page. Their scripts are popular because they’re good developers.

And there it is. No one reading this thread is surprised.


Feel free to make your own.

Baseless tinfoil.

Okay first chill the fuck out I use BootStrap you fucking rage. Second that’s like saying bill gates is a fucking good coder well no shit. Third some people hate widows 10 you going to go tell them to fucking go make you own example: I hate iPhones you: go make your own. Forth I am banned because of work dispute not anything else just he wasn’t happy I was charging more for more things he wanted then didn’t pay so I removed my work then I got banned for scamming. And last why the fuck did you say Baseless Timfoil you retard

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Oi shit the Scriptfodder staff is about to lay into me

(User was banned for this post ("Flaming" - UberMensch))

It’s incredibly difficult to take you seriously. You act like you’re an edgy fifteen year old who can’t hold himself back from swearing every couple sentences.

You were banned for scamming users. Here is your lovely ‘appeal’.

That’s my double

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Artiz I have found a glitch btw if you interested will trade for unban :wink:

I smell a dumbfuck

The admins may be cocky, but they get the job done. They are there to moderate and ensure that leakers, people who charge-back, and other toxic people in the community stay out – that simple.

I love how your initial point was “I only scammed the kid for $25.00” – seriously?
Go learn web-design and make your own.

I’ve seen people claim it was their brother, their mom, their cat, everything, but this is probably the first time someone has actually tried to claim it was their evil twin.

i bet ur glitch is going into incognito mode and seeing the site but not being able to login gotte

This has to be satire… right?

everybody on scriptfodder is better off with you gone, you even admit to leaking and scamming
you need to rethink your life choices pal

If you can function like a normal person you won’t ever get banned.

What are you upset about? Garry’s Mod is a game. It’s not a real thing, why do you care so much about ScriptFodder? Aren’t there more important things in life to worry about? For example; learning why it’s wrong to scam people and excuse yourself by saying “its only 25 pounds?

Just another typical skid leaker that got banned and now realises he has no chance of getting new scripts.
Only came here to bitch because he can’t on SF.
I don’t think anyone is going to be shedding a tear here.

or to simply remove the Scriptfodder identification cookie :wink:

But really, hes just a kid without any grammar at all “BootStrap; Thier; Shittys place” etc.

Dunno if scriptfodder has it, but do they have an IP ban feature, he basically admitted he uses a 2nd account.

They don’t have ip ban well not for non static I just use another compute and buy scripts

This thread is a waste of bytes.