Scripting Css Skins?

Hi, i have downloaded this psg1 for my g3sg1 for gmod
and i was wondering how to script the magin magout cloth etc, sounds for it
this is what it looks like

“channel” “CHAN_ITEM”
“volume” “1.0”
“CompatibilityAttenuation” “1.0”
“pitch” “PITCH_NORM”

"wave"			"weapons/g3sg1/psg_1_boltpull1.wav" 

but in game i dont hear a bolt pull or any of the other sounds and i was wondering if maybe one of you can help me script it right so i can hear it
i’ve tryed naming it to g3sg1_boltpull but i still don’t hear anything
may someone help?

have you changed the game_sounds_manifest.txt with updated one from FPSB?

yes i have but i still don’t hear anything :\

Gmod resets the game_sounds_manifest.txt every time it starts up. Set it to read only and it should work.

All names must match, have you checked sound names with the names in the script (“wave” “weapons/g3sg1/psg_1_boltpull1.wav” )?

what do you mean read only? like a certain weapon? i dont get it


yes they are the same

Set the manifest to read only, and add an entry for the script in the manifest.