Scripting Drivable Vehicles

I am looking for either direction to a guide or some info on where to start If I wanted to script a car for a Perp Server.

I have the model already its going to be a motorcycle, if anyone has any experience with this please help me out and advice would be helpful. lua in general entity examples
also at the bottom of lua in general where it says function reference that contians every function in gmod
server contians most of the enitty functions

Basically, you spawn the entity called prop_vehicle_jeep. Change the model to that motorcycle. Set the position. And you have to run a special command on it.


If I recall correctly, it’s like that. Each vehicle you can script differently based on that text file.

And to add passenger seats, you have to place different entities inside the model that are offset from the center, you can use the default chair ones and just set no draw to true.