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I’ve been working on a little platform to distribute paid scripts. It uses a classic serial system so you can recieve a code or buy through (for now) a very simple store. Using RawIO, and a valid serial it downloads the said script from a PHP webpage. The idea behind protecting it, is that in order for sombody to pirate it, they must make at least one sale. And updates are only available to valid serials. Useful for things that update frequently.

Let’s say you distributed an admin mod, you could also add the option to buy plugin packs for small amounts. You may update these plugins as you go, and the updates will only be available to valid serial users. If a person is caught releasing, they’re serials are blanked.

It could turn out to be something different altogether, maybe only requiring an adfly link for download, or simply just being a way of downloading and previewing scripts on the fly without having to restart (for some).

I’ve made a few test scripts, a basic platform, is this a good idea? If everybody hates the idea of paid scripts, what about scripts that only require adfly links, or if nobody likes that idea. Would it not be great to download and add addons on the fly?

Selling scripts are fine imo. If you spent the time making it, you have the right to sell it. If someone wants to buy it or not, thats another story.

Well, first dumb rating is here. But I think it would be nice that scripters would be able to sell some scripts. Not for 100$'s a sale, like OpenAura.

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Won’t work because of kids thinking they can take anything and make it their own.

I wouldn’t care less, the only people who listen to little kids saying they made things are other kidding little kids.

Seems like Dame Flawless is constantly on this topic.

stupid idea

Any reason?

The way I see the whole pay for scripts/gamemodes thing going in gmod is like this, anyone hiring a coder is going to be looking for a unique script that matches exactly what they need and is unique to them so it will bring traffic into a server. The price range can be from a few bucks or a couple of hundred bucks coders may for example have a shop system that they use as a template and then build around it to the clients needs and requests and this is what people actually pay for that service of having exactly what they need now if you start mass selling products like this then they become as good as free products they are no longer special so the traffic they would normally bring in is now null and void.

Now lets come to the mass selling of a product and the best example of this is going to be Open Aura(Or what ever it’s call now I don’t follow the drama around it just the facts) this works because it is a framework it is easy to change and make you’re server stand out from the bunch.(or at least that was the idea) the DRM in this is built to match exactly what the owner wants and needs and even if it gets leaked with a big script like this updates are most likely going to be frequent and any server owner would rather get bugs and exploits as well as new features as fast as they can instead of waiting for a new leak and letting other servers get the edge on you.

Now that we are past the reasons why this wouldn’t work because people want unique things lets come to the reason why the actual protection in this would fail lets use the apple store as an example if you use the same sub-standard drm for every single plugin all you would have to do is bypass it once and all future plugins would be bypassed. Of course like you said someone is still going to have to buy it in the first place but then we come back to the point of sales who is going to want to buy a script that a handful of people have bought and a handful of people got for free because then the whole reason for you making the changes to you’re server is pointless because everyone will have it and you wont stand out from the crowd.

So just to outline my views as to how coders should structure the whole selling there services you can do one of two things you can take up big project that is a lot of work but then get a bigger return, of course take longer and is generally going to be a lot more specific in what is actually required. The other option is to specialise in an area such as Darkrp or anything like that this way you can have a set of templates and bases to do work as fast as possible of course most jobs like this are going to have lower reward but you will be able to do more than one in the time it takes to do a large job.

Just my two cents but this is a bad idea in my view

What was I thinking in future I should just give you a one line reason as to why it is a bad idea


The only ideas I can come up with now, is a unique script marketplace or just a plain platform for distributing scripts with automatic updates and an easy browser.

I am not saying don’t do it I have just given you a perfectly valid reason why it is bad idea and you have yet to give me a reason otherwise, I don’t see why you posted a thread if you don’t seem to take any discussion into consideration

Maybe sometime in the future developers will be able to sell their plugins through our platform with our DRM.

At least we wont be backdooring any of the scripts like openAura.

A centralized databaes of scripts would be a good thing though, like but a program with an easy way of updating.

Who is included in this Our?

All lua scripters.

So not you.


Me and KillerLUA

Instead of using RawIO you could create your own module that does everything, in turn it would make it harder to figure out how everything is works.

I’m not really that intrested in DRM, the pirate always wins, the only thing you can do is waste your life making anti-drm tools that annoy the average user, or just accept that it’s crackable.

Only part of this I like is the idea of a platform where you can download scripts, like Toybox, just for more complicated scripts. Could be useful to some people. I have a similar system for my stuff, just closed to me only obviously.

Although RawIO is quite dangerous, it’s alot easier for this platform to be based on it. Without it, the resulting libraries/scripts would be annoying text files, and I won’t be able to send it to the client at the same time as everything else is sent

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