Scripting using madcows

Hello, I’ve been trying to script weapon models from FPS Banana using the mad_cow scripts so that the running and scope animation things work. However I’ve tried and failed so many times it is unbearable.

I have been trying to put a Mosin Nagant into this shit, however even AFTER hexing and several other techniques the Springfield STILL uses the Mosin Nagant model. Even after I wiped every single mosin nagant file from my garry’s mod folder it is using it.

I need help… Does anyone know what the problem is?

Your having a problem with your model…

Elaborate on the model problem allitle more.

  • What did you use to hex it?
  • What are the Model file names?
  • Did you check your addon model, AND regular model folders for the Nagant model?


I need to learn to read.

I used XVI32.

The Model names are all hexed with the names v_mosinnagant.mdl, w_mosin.mdl, etc.

I checked the addon models, and regular model folders.