Scriptless role-play

I’ve heard a lot of chatter on it, I think it would be cool. I was thinking of making a server, and using catdaemons add-on on it, then just letting people do whatever they want and role-play freely, add a few admins and all that. Maybe inventory addon by chewgum, what do you all think? Would you play it? Suggestions?

I wouldn’t play it ever.

My clan is oftenly playing this. You might want to join :wink:
We’ve got a thread started in Server Advertisement-

I would deffinately play it, all you need for that good server is a money and a job system, and off course, good admins.

What kind of roleplay will it have?

I’m happy just with a money system.

If there was a money addon for Sandbox :sigh:

That’s what I’m looking for all the time. For now we’re just using the Inventory Addon and one of the items is our currency. Hop in anytime. We’re looking for people like this.

I might make something like this.