Scroll Key Input

Hey guys, I have my scoreboard here, but when to many players join or if you have a small screen the last few get cut off. To solve this I thought i could use the input.IsMouseDown() to get if they are scrolling then take and move all my draw and surface elements up or down accordingly. Issue is i cant figure out how to use the isMouseDown(). What im trying is just printing out Hi if you are scrolling but it wont even do that.

if input.IsMouseDown(MOUSE_WHEEL_UP) then

So… i must be missing something here. I only have this check run when the score board is open. I know its doing something as it stops scroll from counting as the weapon selector. It just wont do anything in my code.

Looking around some people suggest using the dpanellists and just adding a scroll bar that way. Id rather not use derma as i already have everything set up with just Surface and Draw.

Any suggestions are welcome though. Thanks in advance!

The best way for me is
[lua]GM:PlayerBindPress( pl, bind )
if ( bind == “invprev” ) then
elseif ( bind == “invnext” ) then