Scrolling Materials - HL2.exe has stopped responding

For the past week when I scroll my materials list, it will crash my GMOD with “HL2.exe has stopped responding”.
I deleted the whole game, re installed yesterday arvo and it fixed. Played all today just fine, now when I load GMOD and scroll it crashes once again.

Why is it doing this? Quite the annoyance…

You can try switching up your direct x software level through the startup command line, I believe this issue is due to some sort of shader crash.

try the following command line options and see if they fix it.

-dxlevel 81


-dxlevel 90


-dxlevel 95

Good luck!

I’ve figured out the error; It’s the RT camera material crashing my game. Going in-game, spawning an RT camera then removing it fixes material crash.
How ever I still have the problem of my GMOD nearly crashing everytime it loads a spawn icon. If I search for say… fence. It will lag out, not respond and take 3-4minutes to load 20 spawn icons. Never did this before my material crashing problem.