Scuba diving

SOMA is a pretty good game



holy fuck awesome

Bloody brilliant. You really captured the feel of SOMA.

those effects are awesome.

Superb work!


ty guys

Claps hands wicked effects, love the glitchness.

Amazing work!

i leik dis

nah but in all seriousness, this… i don’t know what to say about this, oh i know.

its bloody beautiful keep up the awesome work m7+1

Beautiful! Keep up the great work.

i can almost hear the static noise effects. very cool!

It’s a very nice edit. What do you call that blue/red distortion? Is that the chromatic abberation thing? If so, where is that in potatochop?

This is giving me the same fearfulness that the game did.

Great job.

It’s creepy

Seems like Mr. naked disco ball head decided to wear some pants this time. Looks spot on otherwise though :v:

sorry for the late reply but here’s a p neat yootob tutorial on chromatic abberation:

now people don’t have to see his junk. [sp]probably why he got mad if you stared at him too long, cuz it was so tiny hahah i am so funny)[/sp]