Scummy Community

Before I begin this long, cancerous, and spastic rant I’d like to say this is just a discussion of these shit head owners. This isn’t the unveiling of Satan himself, all owners are exactly like this shilling douche I’m going to explain.
Skip below the lines if you really don’t fucking care for the backstory.

Moving on to the actual rant, (let’s classify this community as Defco., so I don’t get banned for advertisement for saying it so many times) Defco. had recently bought rights to the gamemode called (Let’s classify this community as Santo) “SantoRP” from an individual named Ru Sti.

Ru Sti, being the degenerate cuck from the previous community, sold this gamemode which was three updates behind of the newest version. The owner of Defco. named, “Sgt. Val”, immediately branded the gamemode as his own and slapped it with a new name of,“CityRP”. Which immediately ranked as his highest server on game tracker’s stats.

To understand why this “Sgt. Val” is a absolute f*ck boy, we need to look at the previous community, “SantoRP”. SantoRP was a serious roleplay gamemode and a community that was basically had some DarkRP attributes of making money, but much more custom scripts and a more serious standing. You’d have to make a application to enter this server, and be accepted by interview with a large list of rules you’d need to memorize.

Several DDoS attacks on all of Sgt. Val’s servers and there forums later The light shined down from the shit clouds onto there now highest ranked roleplaying server, out of there other 6 or 5 cancerous other ones.

Days after the events the forums wiped, no announcements were given, and no information about DDoS or forums. Contacting any admin they’d respond with, “Val doesn’t want to give any statements, he’s working hard to fix it.”

Minges filled the server, breaking and ruining it for everyone. Sgt. Val finally found the solution, he needed to fix problems with how the physguns were being abused.

No, he did not think to ask the community for removing a really substantial and important tool to make money on the server.

No, he did not think to add a applications to receive them.

No, he didn’t acquire more staff to handle these minges on his server.

No, he did not think to that after a certain amount of playtime should you receive them.

This fucking shill required you to to fucking pay $20 to actually receive an item that was necessary to building with props and making money on the server.

The entire community split, except for the people sucking his physical one inch choad, and the other half begged him not to do this. And even proposed some of the things like making it having to be applied for, which would even sort out the minges abusing the physgun.

So, why does this even have any importance to you? Well… It doesn’t, to you whoever asked this question to yourself.

Moral of this long, twisted, money hungry, power freak, and shit show is that the owners are just as fucking desperate for money as you think they. Owners that rank high on GameTracker do not fucking care about there player base, they want your money.

Anyways, you probably know this by now and are going to call me a cunt or simply get furiously triggered by how I space this fucking text like this.


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Nobody fucking cares

Sad to see other community’s do this. Its a blatant cash grab, and it really hurt the image of community’s globally and the use of the word “donate”.

Some community’s especially new community’s rely solely on donations to stay online, and at a later stage of a community its relied to maintain/upgrade infrastructure and to invest into new gamemodes, whether that’s purchasing new gamemodes or hiring capable developers.

Its sad to see people abusing the idea for pure self gain and profit. :frowning:

its his server now he can do anything he wants with it… this is just a pointless thread

maybe stop sucking his dick and you will see the light

kiddos never played pulsar effect roleplay huh

This thread is dumb.
Rustic never owned the rights to SantosRP, he was kicked off the team and took a old copy of the gamemode with him and started selling it off.