SCV Ivy and Elysium ready for porting

The good folks over at the XNALara forums have ported over Ivy and Elysium from Soul Calibur V. I’ve heard there’s a program now that allows you to easily port XNALara models to 3ds max now so it should be simpler then before to port these over to Gmod. Can anyone do this?

REMINDER BEFORE YOU DOWNLOAD!!! These are the XNALara models. They are not ready for Gmod, they need to be ported.




Da fuck? They must be ninjas.

These do not belong in this section anyway.

Holy shit those hands

…? The second girl doesn´t have eyes or that´s the predetermined suit?

Well sorry i haven´t played yet soul calibur V.

She’s wearing a mask that covers her eyes but you can see the mouth.

Eh, Ivy’s cleavage is smaller than her previous one.

I just looked at a comparison, someone did make the hands bigger for some reason when they ported the models. I have no idea why but they’re not supposed to actually be that big.

It’s actually the exact same size as in IV, they’re just covered up a bit now. She does show off a bit more in her 2P outfit…

I hope this can be done, cause there are tons of good models in XnaLara format. this could be a start.

Hooray, the incredible inflating breasts and another flipping Edgemaster. My exact choices from SCV.

In all seriousness though, I didnt expect progress from SCV so quickly, and mocking aside, I did like Ivy’s outfit in V. Good to see some progress.

Got in the thread expecting:


I ported that ivy model (damn colouring that textures were hell)
And nobody changed the hands. They are like that on the original model^^ dunno why the devs made the hands bigger than in scIV.

I demand Lizardman!

I’m looking at the in-game model in screenshots, and the hands do NOT look that big. The ported models have the bigger hands. Anyways, for anyone porting: Use the SCIV model of Ivy as reference while resizing the hands.