SD70 ACE - train

If your looking at this thread then your prob already saws Tboy’s thread on a SD70 MAC

Well i have been working on a train. A EMD SD70 ACE. I started it about 3 - 4 mouths ago and just finished it to day.
some cool features it has include
-Working suspension -made by Tboy, including the trucks thanks man!-
-3 seats me and some friends can ride in it
-433 props with no lag -fps lag does not count-
-Powered by my expression 2 train control unit
-Actual paint scheme based off the real train!
-Gpu control panel displays speed and engine power output
-over 95% of the props are parented

So far it is my best train to date i have made :slight_smile:
By now your prob going “show us some pictures already” so here yah go, me and Tboy will prob be making a movie later with both our engines so that has to wait :slight_smile:

-real loco

-my loco :slight_smile:

the map is gm_botmap_v3

thanks i guess to
Bellminator (nick10510) for the sever

Tboy205 for the trucks on my loco and a tip on parenting and making me work on it

Halkion for helping me out awhile back with the applyforce code

thats about all i have to say :stuck_out_tongue:
so comment and stuff and tell me what you think of it!

Looks like it would blow up real nice.


i made it explode, lets just say the sever had a long nice life

+1 internets

How long does it take to dupe?

shit mc nickle

hot. the only thing I don’t like are those fatass rails or whatever they are up front, the bars look too thick.

Wow, it took 3-4 mouths to build?

you know, some people have lives outside of gmod :stuck_out_tongue:

He said mouths ^.^

then why the fuck did you give me a dumb instead of a bad reading you idiot twat. Feel free to rate me umb now though.

Rated box.

I rated you agree if it makes you feel better :slight_smile: Oh, and amazing train. How is she powered? I am assuming either applyForce() or applyAngForce()

i stopped working on it for like 3 months


~1 min alot of props

Hey, I’ve seen your locomotive and I was thinking, what kind of double heading is it?

Is it double heading with 2 people or is it done with one + multiple working?

Wait, I have a question. What is the difference between the ACE and the MAC? Sorry, when it comes to trains I specialize in steam power and modern passenger locomotives.

the nose and the back and some other things the control panel and stuff

It is usually done by two locomotives. 3+ locomotives have a different name.

Check out my SD70 MAC if you get a chance, guys. Thanks.

We can’t wait 'till we do the video!