SD70 MAC - Train


I love trains and I constantly build them and play with them in Garry’s Mod. I own the community -=GRW=- (Garrysmod Rail Works)

Recently, I have nearly completed my latest engine - the EMD SD70 MAC.

My friend is making an EMD SD70 ACE - with the same paint job so we can double head. (Cakeman206) - Cakeguy!

Currently the SD70 MAC can pull just about 1200 gmTons at an average speed of 61 MpH.

It took me about 30 hours of work time to come to where I am now with it.

Note the plows on the front and the rear, this is uncommon for players to model this.

The cab is still being made.

I will probobly be adding windshield wipers like my previous locomotives.

Engine runs on an E2 - ApplyForce. (If you say ApplyForce is for noobs, you need to stfu because you dont know what you’re talking about.)

Visit my temporary Garry’s Mod railroading website at ! You can see photos of my other trains and also of other peoples trains! Feel free to join and post your pictures or videos of your Garry’s Mod trains there!

Prototype -

I have my own physical model that I looked at - there may be slight differences. (Multiple types of SD70MACs)

Model -

Trucks -

Maps -

gm_trainyard (wip by DaveH)

Special thanks to -
[Bellminator (nick10510)] for providing the server that I waste my life on.
[Cakeguy (Cakeman206)] for helping me with the paint job and giving me someone to talk to while I built the locomotive. - Cake’s Locomotive .
My friend, Thingshappen, for making gm_botmap_v3
My friend, DaveH, for allowing me to beta test gm_trainyard.
One of my good friends, Marine_Wolf (KeronWolf on YouTube) for getting me started in railroading and helping me build my first real gmod train!
And last but not least, Garry, for developing the game that replaces my life.

Tell me what you think of it and if it needs any tweaks!


Wowie! Good work man! I made something like that long ago, but nowhere near the power xD It just looked good. Tell me, does that suspension actually work?

I fixed em. :smiley:



Looks great, I don’t know much about trains but it seems like a fairly accurate representation!

Looks awesome

where i have seen this before =P

ROFL! Right next to urs, buddy! xD

This is amazing :smiley:
The attention to detail is incredible, and its usefulness is an added plus.

How long did it take you to make it?

Three (3) months on and off.


Yes sir, it does!

best diesel-electric i’ve ever seen in gmod.

Best looking train i’ve seen, a third artistic for you.

ooh Tboy is here too (it’s me, Lawliet in Gluttony lol)

you’re really good with trains :]

Very nice!

holy shit! looks insane!
very well done, i’m so going on that first map it looked perfect fpr trains!

Hey, Lawliet!




Also, fuck me that’s a nice train. I love the atention to details and stuff, like the actual suspension and plow or whatever they’re called, rather than having that awful phx box that the wheels fit into, you actually made the suspension. Good job

Nice. I seen this being made.

Hole - E - Mother of God.