This is the official release of sd_qub3d_v2!
This version has been since fixed from the last version.

  • Lighting
  • Ramps
  • Spawns
  • Snow
  • Flames

This map was made for anything. It’s all-around fun to build things on, and is great for DMing, NPC battles, and CS matches. However, I’ve recently started working on a third version, which will expand upon the map, and add new, exciting features. This map is still excellent and I reccomend anyone to download it and try it out. With the download comes the first version’s .vmf file. This is strictly for people to see what can be done with it, and to possibly give me suggestions. Do NOT attempt to make it your own. Enjoy!

Blocky and the lighting looks horrible.

The lighting isn’t anything special. And have you read the name of the map? Your reply made me laugh.

The map is so hideous i’m assuming you are a troll.

You know, you don’t have to be an asshole to me just because you don’t like something I’ve made. The map isn’t anything crazy, and it’s supposed to just be fun. I’ve seen your maps, IronPheonix, and they look amazing!
I’m just saying we don’t all have to be terrible to each other because we don’t like things. Let’s grow up, okay?


I guess I’ll think twice before posting anything here again. You guys just can’t handle it.
Keep up the hate. I’m saying bye-bye to this post.

(User was banned for this post ("Trolling" - Terrenteller))

Definatly a troll.

If you weren’t a troll you would look at those maps and imitate the way things are done.

Your textures are screwed up, lighting is all over the place, and the map lacks direction. Either troll or just bias. Either way, you have a lot to improve on.

Wow guys. Yeah, it’s not great. But at least he’s trying. And fun doesn’t need to look good! I’ve seen loads of Ugly but really fun maps.

Does gm_construct have “direction” hmm… no. I can’t anyone shouting,“GUYS! WHY ARE YOU BUILDING! WE NEED TO COMPLETE GM_CONSTRUCT!”

What are you on?

GM_construct was designed to be a convenient build map. It looks nice and has a variety of areas for people to build in. I usually play on flatgrass myself. They have direction…they have a common purpose…plus they look smooth, which is a plus.

I’m also putting down rustyspannerz as a troll…or highly sarcastic.

Just because you’ve named the name to what it looks like does not change the fact that it looks horrible.