SDK 2006 will not luanch

So, SDK 2006, Yes I know its old. But I need it for a mod. I put this in mapping cuase it was a mapping tool. How do you fix this I been looking for answers for months!

Help would be appreciated. I dont know if this is the right thread im new to facepunch so pls dont ban me if I got it wrong like erro said.

the sdk doesnt work anymore, the steampipe update fooked it, use the hammer in your hl2 bin folder

Yeah that’s funny because I’m using it at this very moment to make a map. It’s not broken, it is in fact essential if one wants to map for older source mods.

Just some clarification:
“Source sdk base 2006”, as listen in the tools tab, is not a mapping tool, it is a mod base.
If you want to map for source 2006 use the old “source sdk” and create a custom 2006 game config, since no valve games remain on 2006. You can do this by clicking “create a mod” in the source sdk while source 2006 is selected in the drop down menu.

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