SDK can't run when in offline mode?

Right now, my brother is playing TF2, and we share a Steam account.

I went on offline mode so he can play, and I can map, but now Steam is saying “Source SDK cannot run when in offline mode.” I then tried loading every and any application in my list (including bare HL2) and it says the same. Is this the case for everyone or is my computer being an asshole?

Because you’re running on an apple.


I had the same issue on my laptop, never fixed it. Also “steam support does not and will not resolve any issues regarding offline mode service.”


Hope you can find a solution.

Works for me in offline.

Works for me too, just didn’t on my laptop for w/e reason.

Start SDK up then go into offline mode. :smug:

That’s the only thing I could try, but what if there’s no online mode to begin with? :mmmsmug:


Also going offline involves restarting Steam, doesn’t it?


I was thinking about friends list offline mode.
Steam likes to do stuff like that doesn’t it?
Might be a good time to consider getting a second account, you might even be able to get one free, people are always claiming to quit video games and giving accounts out.

Start up steam in Normal Mode and then goto File > Go Offline
steam will restart and bam there you go.

I found this out when taking my laptop on an 6hr plane flight.