SDK compiler issue - missing DLL fix

After yesterdays SDK update a .dll file that is necessary for running any compiler was removed from the sdk/bin/ep1/bin folder, so I have uploaded said file so that you can put it back in to fix it (as I have multiple backups incase things like this happen :P)


Put that file in the sdk/bin/ep1/bin folder and your compilers should work good as new ^^ (If for some reason i’m not allowed to post this file in a link I will remove it, but I feel it is required until a fix is made to the SDK).

What was in yesterdays SDK update? I see nothing documented in the News anywhere.

Heavy weapons guy animations and decompiled model.

I can never find any SDK update documentation either, it always just puts the steam update stuff when you click on the tool’s update news button, but I saw it update, then found out this had happened.

Didn’t know about that ^^

It works fine here. Though I am compiling in the Orange Box Engine.