SDK - Garry's mod dirrectory Error?

I’m not sure where to have the dirrectory set to when I click “Edit game configurations”. I set it at (username)/garrysmod

So, my question is, is the sdk broke when it comes to gmod, or what directory do i use

sdk is broke for 2009.

You should use the Half-Life 2: Episode Two configuration (if you own that game ofc) for the easiest setup for Garry’s Mod mapping once it starts working again, cheers!

God, i can’t even load models in Gmod. Christ! I don’t even know if the model i just ported will work. EVEN THE MODEL VIEWER IS BROKEN. Christ Valve! Get your shit together.

Give them time, they are a games dev and it is saturday. Expect a new update, maybe tues.

Great. There goes my Weekend.

Thanks Valve. It’s not like I have a totally free weekend in which I was going to use for progress towards my map. I like TF2, but this hat crap is getting annoying now.

Map in 2007.