sdk hammer apply texture problem

hello i have this problem i dosen’t know to apply texture to an object i make in hammer for example a cube is there anyone here who know how to do it?

would be really gratefuf if anyone wanted to help

You open the Face Edit Sheet, choose the texture you want and right-click on the face you want to apply the texture to.

Consider reading some tutorials, because that’s really super-basic stuff…

sry for the stupid questions but the problem is when im selecting the faces and then try to add texture nothing happend i have watched some tutorials seems there are many with the same problem as me

Open the face edit sheet via the toolbar on the left (it’s below the brush tool).

You should get this window open:

Left click to select a face (or CTRL + left click to select multiple), click the ‘Browse’ button, select the texture you want, and hit ‘Apply’.