SDK Hooks

I’ve seen this plugin for CS:S and it worked extremely nicely.

Is there any SDK Hook base/addon I can use to code? I’m trying to make multihops for Gmod.

Basically what a normal bhop platform does is have a platform you jump on. When you jump on the platform, it goes downward (func_door) in to a teleporter, causing you to teleport back to the previous area. Of course if you jumped off of it fast enough, you would have enough time to be able to avoid the teleporter.

Is there a way I can make this in Gmod?

SDK Hooks =

Why would you need SDK hooks? Use a SENT and have it move down on touch by a player, and have another SENT teleport the player back to a given position on touch.

The platforms are already made in the map, the creator of the map already put them in there. I want a way to sort of override it’s function of what it’s supposed to normally do.

I’m not inclined to port over those hooks into lua, maybe this is a good time for you to learn how to hook in c++!

Seems like such a hassle to learn a language just to code a gamemode. There goes another one of my ideas. :<

Why can’t you just use Lua to override their function? You can edit keyvalues and outputs and whatnot from Lua itself.