SDK Refusing To Start

I seem to be having a slight problem with the Source SDK. Whenever I go to start it I get the usual dialog to tell me the SDK is loading which dissimilars as usual and upon observing the Task Manager “SDKLauncher.exe” shows up normally. Everything works up until a point and then for some reason SDKLauncher shuts itslef down for no reason. I can’t figure out whats wrong with it, I’ve tried reinstalling the SDK, reinstalling Steam and a bunch of supposed solutions I’ve found on the net but nothing has fixed the problem. Has anyone had this problem?

I dont have this problem.

Hmm… I really have no idea. try to reinstall it some more. or ask steam support for help.

They should be able to help you better than facepunch to be honest.

From what I’ve heard Steam Support usually ignores questions about the SDK.

did u even try, u dont need to take people’s problem with steam support

Don’t worry, I installed Portal and it started working again (and yes I had a source game,TF2 in this case, installed when it wasn’t working)