SDK Release Consideration

I’d like to be the first to respond to this comment here. My response is, why the hell not? As long as there is a good way to filter the good stuff vs the bad stuff, and admins can decide what is and isn’t allowed in their server, I see no reason why this shouldn’t be a thing as soon as possible. Obviously experimental has a small way to go yet before this will really take off, but I think that we are much closer than we think. LETS DO IT!

P.S. Let’s vote how long it takes for something shaped like a dick to be made once SDK for rust is an option.

It seems like a good idea, but not only they have to post their clothing idea. They have to have a crafting recipe on how to make it. You can’t just make a ballistic vest and say"need leather and metal".

The item editor is open to the public

We are already half way there.

Absolutely… there’s not enough games out there allowing custom content. I’d really enjoy to make some assets for Rust… and even better… see them ingame. Yeah and beware of d!cks. Oh and please don’t allow stuff that doesn’t fit with the “lore”… examples of what I mean would be pink cheerleader costumes as clothing, squirrels as mounts and guns shooting candy… or that sort of thing.

While I wouldn’t play in a server that had this stuff (except maybe the cheerleader outfit) I wouldn’t be against an admin allowing it in his/her own server if they so desire.

I know some people that already got a full project for a roleplay server with custom content. Even though its an entirely diferen game you can check how arma 3 mods are popular.

I love this idea!
However, I agree that a whitelist / blacklist system must provide for items.
As a server admin, i want control what items are available on my server :slight_smile: