SDK Rendering Wrong?

Mainly just look at the pictures, it mostly explains it self.


In game:

See how in SDK the post is in side the ball, then in game its not. Why does this do that I dont get any errors in console so I have no idea.

P.S. Would this be caused by then being func_detail?

Source does some weird shit with spheres, there isn’t much you can do to fix it I think.

Func_detailing them is good.

Looks like off-grid vertices. Try modelling the railings instead.

I have no experience in modeling, and have never tried it ever. So I dont think I could make a model.

wow, that a lot of stuff to follow, I got a headache just look at it.

Check out my two video tutorials at the bottom of that page, The prefab stuff is outdated but it covers the main stuff.

Yeah just dont use spheres.

That reminds me of geomag.

Oh fuck no, don’t make those railings out of brushes like that. Try to learn a modeling package.