SDKLauncher.exe launch error

Tried starting up my L4D2 Authoring Tools today and repeatedly get “SDKlauncher.exe has stopped working”. It worked fine last night and I’ve tried restarting steam and my computer after verifying the game cache.
Is anyone else having a problem launching, and any advice on what’s wrong and how to fix it?

It seems to only be the L4D2 Authoring tools, all my other SDK’s seem to work fine.

It won’t launch for me.

Cool, so it’s not just me.

I’m going to do some standard diagnostics: restart computer, add SDKLauncher / hammer.exe to DEP list, etc.

It seems Valve just released an update for L4D2 today…
I guess that’s what messed it up. I suppose we just wait until they fix it? :frowning:
Unless someone can tell me how to launch L4d2’s config in hammer without the SDK Launcher. I hated having to configure hammer by hand… and for the most part don’t remember how.

even trying to launch hammer.exe straight from the steamapps folder won’t work. The process shows up for a second then disappears, which resembles an issue I had with my laptop where certain programs would be stopped by DEP for one reason or another, I’ll try it and tell you guys how it goes.

If it doesn’t work, all we can do is wait (and I JUST started getting back into my L4D2 campaign… :saddowns:)

So, when I start a campaign, Hammer shits on me. Welp, that’s the Hammer World Editor that we play.

I’ve tried everything and gotten nothing…

The process starts for a second, focus shifts from Steam or the bin folder, the process mysteriously stops itself, and focus is resumed to Steam or the folder.

I’d laugh if Valve accidentally put a return statement at the beginning of the loading method to debug something.

Hammer is programmed to make your job hell.

But we’d be nowhere without it nonetheless

Shit, I have the same problem! :frowning:


All you need to do is launch L4D2 to the main menu once, then exit and try again. I assume the update changed the gameinfo.txt or changed the directory structure and needed to be updated for the Authoring Tools to work.

I think Valve fixed it. I got that pop-up that says steam finished downloading l4d2 AT, I tried to open it, and it worked. :slight_smile:

Because I tried running l4d2 to see if it worked, 2 hours ago, and the authoring tools still didn’t work.

Thanks Valve. Steam deleted ALL left 4 dead 2 folder after I deinstalled L4D2 Authoring Tools. Nice…