Hey, When ever I try to use SPoF it doesn’t work, and when I press render
it just shakes a bunch and nothing happens.

I have all my graphic settings to full and multi-rendering is OFF.

Adjust the settings on there and put your subject into focus using the focus distance slider. Once you hit render, you will notice that the subjects out of focus in the preview will continue to get out of focus. Once its done, the menu will pop up again. At that point you should hit “Take Screenshot” (or something like that) and you’ll be done.

what you see at first is just a preview of what you will get when you render, the render is much more high quality


No, even after I render and look in my screenshots folder, nothing is there and their is no effect when I open the menu in the first place D:

Also, bloom or color correcting ingame doesn’t work, I click to enable them and nothing happens, I really want to pose some models
to as I have gotten a huge interest in it lately :frowning:

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I made a video to show the problem

Simple DoF works fine, but anything else I use does not!