[sDs]Gaming's Oxide PvP DoorShare:Economy:AirDrop:Sleeper:1/4Craft:24/7 Admin Support!! 1/27 WIPED, FRESH START!!!

[sDs]Gaming proudly presents its first Rust Server!

[sDs] or, Seven Deadly Sins, Gaming is a group of friends who finally just got sick of awful admin abuse, poor server management and just plain absent admins. We’ve been through the ringer when it comes to servers and we know many of you probably have too.

Well look no futher!

Our group of guys at [sDs] bring you a Rust server for gamers by gamers, and we vow to not only protect our serer from hackers and griefers, but we also vow to never in any way, shape or form abuse the powers of an admin.

For now our server runs Oxide, we like it and it’s very functional for the server’s needs. Here are some details about the server itself:
-Door Sharing System
-Air Drop(Functional @15 players for now.)
-Economy; we will be adding items and editting prices based on community feedback, while maintaining integrity to farming and progression.
-1/4 Crafting Time
-Group System/Chat
-Player PM System
Based on player & community feedback we will add/remove/adjust mods and configurations.

Current Restrictions:
-NO BASE GRIEFING; this is mostly pillaring another player’s base to prevent base access and or construction. You can however raid a player’s base and take it over.

We fully endorse the PvP side of Rust. So if you’re feeling inexperienced or if you tend to excrete mass amounts of MSG when you get killed or have your base raided then this server may not be for you.

A steam group is going to be avaliable for our players to join so that we can create events and are able to communicate & get some criticism from everyone easier.

In closing I would like to thank you for taking the time to read through this post and if you’re feeling tired of “server soul searching” then stop in and check out our server. We’re hoping it grows to the point where we need to upgrade the player slots to the max.

Admin Information

Current # of Admins: 4
Nashvegas80 (Also Server Owner)

You can directly connect to us by hitting “F1” in-game and typing the following into the console;


(User was banned for this post ("make one thread for your server, not two" - postal))

Hi! Come enjoy the fun :slight_smile: Hope to see everyone soon!

Beast server! Bring your PvP and Survival Skills.

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