I’m playing Garry’s mod on a Mac and I keep getting kicked for se_MD5 and then autobanned from perp servers. All of the owners have said that it is a problem with the game? How do I fix it?

Means you have custom models as far as I know.

Actually, I heard it is a problem with the script enforcer and its a Mac specific problem. I’ve been trying to get Garry’s attention on this problem but no luck so far. A lot of Mac owners have had to deal with that issue for a while now.

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I just deleted the contents of my addons folder and it still happened, so its something that Garry screwed up.

I’m running a Macbook Pro with a 2.6 ghz Core 2 Duo. 4 gigs ram, and 250gb hard drive.

I can’t see a reason for this; unless Macs run more lua files than on windows, which wouldn’t make sense.

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Or if for whatever reason hashing on a mac has a different result. Which wouldn’t happen - so that’s out the window.

I used to be able to use Perp servers on my Mac.