[SEA] Frag-Nation NEW Server::Battle Tournaments::Uncraftable C4::More Airdrops::Sleepers

Our server was born out of a close knit group of online buddies who wanted to create a server that had some chivalry in it. Basically, we wanted all players to be on an equal playing field. Not only that, but we also wanted to add some extra fun to the generic Rust formula. So we decided to create one ourselves. So basically, like the normal servers but with less douche and more community with a dash of added fun :smiley:

Server Location: Singapore
Server Host: Multiplay

-Arena Mod-
-Lowered Military Grade Drop Rate-
-Group Mod-
-Daily Events-
-Regular Airdrops-
-Large Scale Hacker Valley Battles-
-Active Admins-
-Personal Messaging-
-Local Chat-
-More Frequent Airdrops-
-Uncraftable C4-
-Battle Tournaments- (Rewarding the winners with C4/Supply Signals)
-Weekend Airdrop/Kill Events-
-And most of all, a friendly community :D-

The server is backed by Frag-Nation. Frag-Nation is an E-sports community in India which has been working on developing the gaming scene in the Subcontinent.
(http://www.frag-nation.in) (https://www.facebook.com/FragNationIndia)

Anyone is free to join the server :slight_smile:

Type F1 then input net.connect

Happy surviving everyone!