SEA offcial servers 700 slot too 200 slots in 2 months.

Last October we lost 2 Official FP servers in Singapore of 100 slots.
Today the Hong Kong server where all the SG players ended up as refugees has has its player cap nuked from 500 to 200.
I understand that the server was having issues with lag and processing power.
Has any one got any insight on which direction this is going? SEA is a large player base.

They said they are gonna shut down most of the official servers and replace em with new ones.

Ah ok thanks for the info.

I’m assuming there was no time frame given.

for the last week there where a 350 to 400 ppl on line at peek times.
I’m gonna try and get 150 ppl to rage quit and uninstall to ensure players can log in to hk >_< (* i re read that… it makes no scene. *)

You sure it’s a great idea to announce on the official forums that you’re going to drive 150 Rust players into quitting the game just so you can play on an official server? :v:

pinch of comedy value… missed placed i guess.

i cant even get on the server.

rust has quite a few DDOS problems ATM… very misplaced,

but hey man dont sweat it because it’s FP that needs to protect their servers and quality of gamelay.

when someone rage quites its usually because of raids.

Quiting due to lag and DDOS is more of a disappointed quit.