SEALS sneaking by a russian guard

Pretty flurry edit.
The sneaking pose made me laugh.
I don’t know whether to rate funny or arty.

I didn’t think it was very funny :c

I love how you can’t see anything but the guys in the back. Adds the stealthy part.

The soldier looks like a girl.

Is that my fault?

I’d totally tap that if it was a girl.

No it’s her fault.

Ninja’d by bubz.


The snow isn’t good in my opinion. I’m assuming it’s all one layer.

To get the best effect, you make multiple layers with different depths of snow. The foreground character should have little to no snow covering him. That’s the BIGGEST flaw I see with snowy pictures.

I’ll make a tutorial. There’s a dozen of them, but they just tell you how to turn noise in to snow - not how to apply depths.

However, the rest of the image is pretty good (from what I can see, any way)


I take that back. Superscatman did a pretty decent job at adding snow with depth. Use what he did as a guide.

Pretty much entirely what 69105 said. The snow lacks depth.

I’m pretty damn sick of snow edits now anyway. There are far too many MW2 snow pictures at the moment.