Seamless Alt tabbing

It would be great to have this so you could switch between A browser and rust (The steam browser sucks…).

When you start rust, a small white window pops up with your resolution and graphics preset displayed. There is a full screen button you can uncheck to run the game in a window. It still has the Windows border on it but it’s an option if you need to alt tab. Just be aware that it takes more memory to do this and may cause your game to lag/crash

I run in full screen windowed mode. That way I can keep my browser, Steam chat, Raidcall, etc running on my second monitor and switch back and forth without any need for alt+tab. It works great.

Is there any way to get it borderless though? Without that, part of the screen is going to be constantly out of sight, right?

Not sure what you mean by "out of sight. I drag the window to my left (primary) monitor and it snaps to full screen. Sure, I have my windows task bar at the bottom and windows bar at the top, but nothing is hidden or out of sight. It just readjusts the resolution to fit that space that the window snaps to.

And as far as I know there’s no way to make it borderless. But I could be wrong there. If I am, then by all means someone please enlighten me.

For borderless window try adding -popupwindow to your launch options.

Thanks for that info. I’ll try that when I get on Rust this evening.


Holy hell, it works! Thanks for that interesting bit of info.