SeaNanners played with us.

Yes, SeaNanners was in the server playing Rust with us. I thought it was an imposter, so when he peeked into my window I filled his skull with buckshot.

Turns out, it was really him. He Tweeted about it. :v

I’m in the picture! (Ophidion)

The invasion have started.

I don’t know who this SeaN is but it sounds tasteful.

You did the world a favor.

Well, time to prepare for another idiot invasion

Hey, the more the merrier… for my skull of thrones.
Haha, just kidding.


The first sign of the apocalypse/

Secure your bases guys, noobmageddan is nigh.

Just don’t let Garry release anymore keys and we’ll be fine.

Oh my God. First Reddit, SeaNanners, and now UberHaxorNova.

Are you fucking kidding me. Let the shitstorm begin.

Eh SeaNanners is good as a person, I like him a lot more than UberHaxorNova.

However, the publicity the game is getting from these youtubers shows the little kids, “I CAN BUILD HOUSE AND SHOOT ZOMBIE AND MEET FAMOUS YUTUBR”.

It’ll just make for more funny moments of kids raging that they got killed, so no worries!

I suppose, but I despise their fan base…

What are you talking about? They’re great!


Just… Why.

Just no more keys should be given out for a while, because we’ll just have another problem with a bunch of idiots flooding the server. If SeaNanners had any respect for this game, he wouldn’t advertise that he was playing it because he has one of the most stupid fanbases of 12 year old children on the Earth.

Hey Ophidion, this is Nova. Apologies for any noobs etc. that come your guys way due to my videos, nature of the beast i guess when running the channel, sucks there is a despise for the fan base however i’ve very much been enjoying Rust which is why i wanted to make content on it.

I believe i even ran into you on the server as you offered me stuff before you logged off and said if i needed anything to just ask. I was AnalShipment, doubtful that you knew it was me at the time but either way i appreciate the gesture.

Best thing you can do is not stream it or announce that you are playing it.

I don’t usually do that, i play under a random alias

I’m not trying to sound mean, but you just said that you were posting videos of this game, and that means that people will start trying to get into the game, which is the problem that we had not too long ago.

Talking about seananners and “nova” writes in this thread.

I met both SeaNanners and Nova, filled one of them with buckshot.

Well then. I appreciate you coming on here and tell us this, Nova. But as said above, we have had an influx of distasteful players.

And yes, that was me you ran into. (: