Search a Idea guy

Hello Guys!

I need a one guy for my DarkRP server who give me Ideas what i add there what addons i use and help me little with the server.
If you are interested add skype: Mystery9876 or Steam:

Thanks for help!

You’d be more likely to find support/assistance by giving a Steam account name rather than a Skype account name. People would much rather keep strangers (especially those related to their gaming hobbies) separate from Skype, something we use with real friends and family.

Sorry, i added Steam too!

Steam is: Jartsu

There are a couple of people with that Steam name, and you have private messages disabled on FP, so people can’t really get a hold of you if they’d prefer you to add them.

Okay, Now

Well I’m having issues adding you, so just add me.

That’s a BAD IDEA ;D. no? okay :C.

In all seriousness;
What gamemode?
If DarkRP:

The essentials;
Advanced Duplicator
M9K Weapons
Day/Night Mod
Car Dealer
Gore Mod

And, not a shit ton of models pls

I don’t see how M9K weapons and gore are “essential” to a roleplay gamemode.

M9K: Amazing Weapons.
Gore Mod: It’s just really good for RP.

Why do you need gore or weapons for roleplaying.

You have the right idea.

But, just kinda lurk around coderhire and facepunch to see what others are working on, maybe you’ll get a idea or two as you look around.

I’m not the OP, haha.

I was helping the OP realize that he shouldn’t open another generic cops v robbers DarkRP.

Okay, let’s do a test yeah?

You make a server with NO GUNS AT ALL, vs a server that has guns.

And the “roleplay” servers chock-full of explosives and weaponry are going to attract kids who think roleplay is about killing people, or that roleplay has to involve fighting at all.

You’re not going to attract a very positive community. In fact, you’ll get the general “bottom of the barrel” you find in most DarkRP servers. The quantity of players doesn’t mean you have a high quality server.

Perhaps in a deathmatch server, but in real roleplay, (which I’m not even a fan of) you do not need weapons in the slightest. Look at Second Life for this evidence.