Search and Destroy


Search and Destroy is a Half Life 2 Themed Deathmatch Gamemode. It is currently in Beta, but is close to being finished.

Download the Gamemode at the SVN Link.


Make Maps with Objectives (HL2:DM Maps can be used)
Add Rebel Classes
Add Combine Shotgun Class
Add Power Ups (As Suggested by TchouTchou)
Make NPC’s friendly or enemy depending on Team
Make Custom HUD

Test Server at

No explanation of idea followed by no content, followed by an SVN with the Fretta skeleton code in it and nothing else.


Thicken up your content, or ATLEAST your explanation. PRO TIP, Read the rules.

Don’t jump the gun, atleast START the game before you rush into making a thread. It’s not even like you’re looking for ideas cause there is no indication of your game plans.

The Idea is to have two Teams, one with lots of Supplies (Combine), and the not so lucky (Rebels) and they have to kill each other. The two Teams have there advantages and disadvantages. The Rebels are lighter and have Field Medics, but the Combine have more Health.

So… Team deathmatch?

With the Teams having Advantages and Disadvantages, unlike HL2:DM.

Well that’s the only way to start to make deathmatch fun, especially if you start to add some sort of objectives it could be alot more fun, such as the Rebels have to activate a bomb in the Combines base, and Combines must deactivate it or something.

Anyway good luck with that.

maybe Permanent PowerUp? or a level system?

I might add Temporary Power Ups, like Combine Cloacking Tech, or Rebel Short Range Teleportation.


Maybe Rebels having to Destroy a Strider that will destroy their Base. I just don’t know how to make the Strider friendly to the Combine.

Could I ask you, are you actually interested, or are you just waiting for me to fail?

To be honest I 100% expect you to fail. The idea doesn’t sound appealing what so ever and it sounds like a deathmatch. We have all seen hundreds of threads like this and they all, ALL, end in failure town.

But to also be honest I want to be proven wrong here, I wish I could be proven wrong this way more often. So go make ya game.

Sorry, this isn’t very original, it’s been done many times before. Why do you assume we are waiting for you to fail? Is that what you want us to think?

You should have worked on this concept more before making a thread and expecting us to go “Yeah! This is amazing! We will support this project forever!”

If you want people to take interest into what you’re developing then please, put some effort into your work.


Also, please learn to accept criticism or this project will go nowhere.

Sorry man but you cannot script gamemodes. Make a few sweps or entities first.

How many times has RP been done? Anyway, I’m not expecting support, I just want people to enjoy the Gamemode.


Learn to read!

We wont be able to enjoy it if you don’t make it good, and if you want to make it good then you need to learn to accept criticism. Also, RP can be done over and over, because you can simply change the storyline and how the setting is, but why are you even bringing RP into this?

I have a bit of a Problem. I don’t know how to find the Model for the Combine Shotgun Class. Could you tell me how to get it?


he’s telling the truth. it would be much easier for you to get your head around sweps/entities first, rather than jumping in at the deepend and creating a a gamemode.

I am coding a few SWEPs for the Gamemode, like a throwing Medkit.

Should i use the Narwhal Gamemode Base?

Do whatever you want…