Search and rescue mission; Last Evacuation.

Inspired from The Mist(2007)

I like posing of guys sitting on the tank.
Fire looks bit weird for me., but other than that it’s good/sad expression scene.

Where did you get those Haz-Mat guys?

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The picture is p. cool by the way.

I think it’s about time you released those hazmat guys.

I like it!

I think he made those guys.

Picture are very cool (cool like a film =))

Really nice! I love that movie.

lulz zoey in BG

yehyeh mega lulz XD XD

I like this picture, because you reminded me about how the mist ended, funniest movie of all time.

Anyone who hasn’t seen it, go do it now.

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For the C&C, the posing is good and all. Still tho, I would like to see some more emotion on these guys, even if they are just walking/sitting.

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omfg xD epic lulz ftw

okay are we done

Looks awesome.

The ending of the mist made me laugh
[sp]The way he shoots everyone in the car, including his son then the mist suddenly clears up and the army has defeated all the monsters[/sp]

you people are evil

That scene was sad :C

Where did you get those hazmat guys?

Your screenshots have been decreasing in quality bro.
You need to amp it up bro.