"Search and rescue team has deployed."


Kind of reminds me of the old picture Joazzz made with the agents.

Yeah I got inspiration from there

Well anyway, you did a good job on the lens flare.
And I know it’s close to impossible but I always feel like these helicopter pictures would be perfect if you’d actually see the grass and trees being blown aside by the helicopters wind.

I noticed you edited in the leafes flying through the air though.

You’re not Joazzz to judge :v:

So you mean only Joazzz should judge on pictures?

They look too calm; I’m pretty sure most search and rescue insertions involve a little more haste than this.

Also there’s a floating mg one the left side of the chopper.


Here’s the original and you can see the MG mount under the M240

I can still see the mount on the edited version, he just has a bad eye. Good work!

fuck you my vision is 100,000/20 i can see the future

Unrelated, where’s that sniper from? I need a good ghillie model.

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anyway it could be that he said it because i’m known to be a frequent user of lens flares, or because i made the pic that inspired this and my pic had lens flares

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also ddok i must say i’m pretty honored

Lookin’ coo’