Search and Rescue Team is entering a room.


Lawl what the fuck is up with the walls and the lazorz?
Looks strange IMO I dunno what to say.

The laser beam is fucking strong.
But the models look nice :stuck_out_tongue:

Well that is some very modern warfare.

Pew pew.

With Lazorz.

Zorz Zorz

Nice posing and camera angle but the laser looks about 3-4cm wide and is too solid and strong. The normal maps are quite ugly too.

Great m14 model! Link?

There you go.

At the start the lazer looks like it could cut through steel but at the end it looks like snot. I like the posing and keep working on ya lazer editing, have an arty.

Looks good, but a sniper rifle indoors? Come on.

The M14 is a selective fire rifle (full auto or semi-auto in this case) and the optic attached is only an ACOG of probably 1.5x magnification. Therefore it would be perfectly fine in a CQC situation.

Tbh you don’t need fully-automatic fire for CQC situations anyway.

Goggles AND gas masks?