Search and Rescue.


Pretty good. Though, what’s up with the EoTech on the far left guy’s gun?


It’s not Eotcech, It’s ACOG

Is that snow or water the left guy’s stepping in? Looks completely flat.

They’re holding their guns wrong.

It’s an ACOG.

No they’re not.

Great posing as usual.

OOOOH YOU ddok :stuck_out_tongue:

See this is what I don’t get, why the person ported these models, they don’t have any mags in their holders… Like, dur. It’s probably the failure of AA3’s fault though lol.

Someone should skin a divisions patch on the americas army patch cause it kinda ruins the picture sometimes :frowning: But its good posed :slight_smile:

How would you hold them?

I’m pretty sure it is EoTech :v:

Far left. The guy on the far right has an ACOG.

It’s an ACOG. They both have ACOGs.

Here is an ACOG:

See the red wire on the top? See the red wire in the picture? It’s an ACOG.

You don’t know your left from your right, do you?

Maybe not, but he certainly knows his ACOGs from his Eotechs.