Search HL²RP map

Hi! I am looking for a map to the HL ² RP with my community, I would like to map a very large, functional and practical. That is to say a REAL Nexus, a big Slum and hideouts of resistance everywhere! : D

Help us pleaz !! :smiley:


Nope :S this map is too well known and used. I am looking for more original, not 45 city, but something original

city 23

Why not, Any other ideas?

Maybe nobody knows of any maps, be patient.


Mkay’ :stuck_out_tongue:

and don’t repeatedly use “xD” “:D” etc

List of smilies if you have to.

Also…its 12.30 uk time…a time when most people are at work/school.

What about rp_city8? only ever seen T’n’B use that map.

But Sphixa you’re just so damn awesome!! XD


I vomited while typing that

Not today, Iron. All the school kids are on Christmas Holidays :v:

Aww i wish i had Christmas holiday

Kids! Get off my lawn

*waves squid in the air

You and your Squids…

You love their squidy goodness.

Some ideas? :downs:

Oh like Squid porn?

if we could avoid deviating from the topic please :v:

Up ! :rock: