Search HL2RP map

Hi! I am looking for a map to the HL ² RP with my community, I would like to map a very large, functional and practical. That is to say a REAL Nexus, a big Slum and hideouts of resistance everywhere! Looks like City 45 and more ( the following map are excluded : City8, City18, City45)

Help us pleaz !! :smiley:

City 8… 2?

Yeah, it’s a good map but the players need to have EP2 :S

How about, City23-Night?

I kind of like City23 myself.

EDIT: Magic, but I didn’t see that other reply right behind me. I apologize. For your amusement I will now shove the entire population of Moscow up my asshole.

City 23 Night is a great map, But if you have any ideas,you’re welcome :dance:

So a City map eh…

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Want a c17 map?

Btw, add me on steam, Ill try out your community - ᴥCGᴥ☭БAШБ☭

Fine but i don’t want C17 map, i want a different thing.

Want to try a French community ?:suicide: