Search Lua Programmer - German

We look for our project a Lua - Scripter who speaks German. In return we offer a great team with domain and servers

Report to below via TeamSpeak or Skype
Skype danny.ralph.casar21


Wir suchen für unser Projekt einen Lua - Scripter der Deutsch spricht. Als Gegenleistung bieten wir ein großes Team mit Domain und Servern

Meldet euch per Teamspeak oder Skype unter
Skype danny.ralph.casar21

Mit freundlichen Grüßen


Wrong forum, wrong ‘offering’ and wrong qualifications required. :\

  1. You’re need to post in this forum.
  2. Don’t start a new thread and post here instead.
  3. Most scriptwriters won’t accept “domain and servers”, since most cases it aren’t worth it.
  4. Why do the scriptwriter need to speak Germany? There are nice functions in Gmod that allows the clients to have different language. language.Add

… and sorry … but you should have let this 4days-old-thread die or wait for a mod to remove/move it. :\