Search modification to fall down props, when shoot it.

Hi all. Guys, i have problem. I very need some modification. I know that exist, but I just don’t remember it’s name. That modification, give you “real” props. Like a NPC, whatever. Example, I make a human prop, I make him stand, i using modification on him, and when I shoot, he falls. I very need this, thx for help.

What are you trying to say?
Use another translator, or learn English.

I don’t using translator, maybe i can’t speak english perfectly, but i think everyone can understand what i’m saying.

Generally, it’s hard to describe what i’m looking for in my first language, all the more when english is not my first language, so, anyone can’t help me?

I think you mean sleep’n’wake


Also, what’s your first language?

Yeah, kmlkmljkl - this is what I was looking for, I’m grateful to you, thanks. My first language is Polish. :wink: