Search Party of One

I enjoy experimenting with the video game/movie elements.

Search Party of One

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Idk what you did, but this is cool looking

What do you mean?

I mean i don’t know what that search yellow glowing symbol is, but it is very nice.

Just some lights in the background. (The map is a club.)

Wanted them to stand out more.

To search you must wave a stick of deodorant around.

Looks really good. But get some strong highlights in there, too.

Pretty. Some rimlighting wouldn’t go amiss, though (hell it’d actually be appropriate, which is more than I can say for a lot of pictures).

my nightmares

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actually, every other face too

What a great atmosphere.

Oh man, those faces, this is excellent.

Awesome lighting, awesome atmosphere.

Lighting and atmosphere is fucking awesome.