Toybox has search now… let me know if there’s any problems

Yes thanks, makes it easier to find stuff in toybox, just tested it looks like its working fine.

NOT GOOD. /heavy

Use the arrow to space it all out, top right corner.

Still, It’ll be annoying. Search-bar could be located under them, not with them maybe?

I see it now. Maybe garry could make it somehow more obvious? Maybe make it negate whatever colors it’s on top of or something.

Needs a black 1px stroke

Actually a 3px stroke of whatever the current icons have for a dark color and then reducing the #searcharea padding to 10px does nicely.

Thanks for bringing my and someone else’s ideas live.

That would be me.

I wouldn’t mind tags, but I suppose that should be added in later when we have more submissions to the toybox.


There. I marked it dumb because it is.

On Mac (haven’t tested on my PC) I can’t use backspace if i want to redo my search. I have to highlight it and then start typing

The search is brilliant. Helps out a lot. :smile:

Same here!

Give the search bar a light border and a search button. It looks like a 5-year old drew it.