Searched the entire Pointshop DOCUMENT, How do you ORGANISE what order your player models are in?

-I have read the entire Pointshop official document with all its commands functions hooks ect.


How do you ORGANISE what order your player models are DISPLAYED IN?

Pointshop currently displays this player model order:


but i want them to be displayed as


I am confident that i will be implementing the code into the BOB.lua file within the pointshop and this is as close as iv gotten, their is a code that changes the catergory order of the pointshop

CATEGORY.Order = -1

but thats its own separate lua representing the actual category TAB and not the player models themselves…

any ideas :(?

Set your own property called Order on each item and then set the config variable to ‘Order’.

Do you mean like set a variable inside each items lua file? called (“order”)

1.) Goto and edit pointshop/lua/pointshop/sh_config.lua

2.) Set PS.Config.SortItemsBy = ‘Name’ to PS.Config.SortItemsBy = ‘Order’

3.) Go through each item and give it a new property… “ITEM.Order”

4.) Set it to the number in which you want it displayed.

For example, if you wanted |JIMMY| |OSWALD| |BOB|

Set Jimmy to ITEM.Order = 1
Set Oswald to ITEM.Order = 2
Set Bob to ITEM.Order = 3

That’s what I understood of what our lord and savior, adam, has told you.

Hope this helps! :stuck_out_tongue: