Searching A Lua Coder

Hello my name is Mathias, and i am currently looking for a lua coder, who can code perp. I have in plans to start a community, where the lua coder will become a big part of it! The community currently already have a dedicated server computer, that can be used as wished! And of cource the lua coder will get some of the profit from the servers!

Add me on steam if you are intressed: Lars65497

And of cource the servers are going to get a website and all that stuff!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the hire thread" - Gran PC))

  1. Nobody on Facepunch will give you PERP/code it.

  2. Everyone here hates PERP.

  3. Nobody here will code for a rank in a going-nowhere community that doesn’t exist.

  4. You missed the LUA-Scripter Hire Thread

  5. Nobody will code for nothing - Donations aren’t payment.

  6. You have 4 posts, nobody will trust you.

  7. Learn how to use grammar.

  8. Learn how to spell.

  9. You seem to not know where it’s going (“and all that stuff”)

  10. Thank you for your lovely contribution to Facepunch. You are the weakest link, goodbye.