Searching and looking for some MW3 Weapon Models

Oh hiya.
Long time ago xplor3r ported for 3ds max and released a shitton of weapons from MW3 (it was probably here -
Also long time ago Megaupload was taken down.
So, what i’m asking for - if someone still have this pack(s) (i’m not sure, but, duh…) or can rip at least some weapons that i’m asking for - i’ll be very happy.
What i’m asking for - AK74U, PM-9, ACR, FMG9, Remington MSR, Colt CM901 and HAMR scope. Viewmodels of course. And for 3DS Max.
And, yes, i know - maybe they’re not badass-detailed as BF3/4 or MoH:W weapons, but i’d like to get hands on this stuff. It’s will be useful, ya know.
Thanks for advance.

oh yea i remember porting some of those, il prob post them here when i can.

Dunno if it’s this link

I have this models. They’re p nice, but it’s not what i’m asked for. :v:

Why do you need them if I may ask? They are pretty old models

Well, as i said before, maybe they’re so old, but i’m not found any other versions for some guns from that game. And, at least, they’re not crap-shitty looking at all.