Searching for a certain Tool

Hi as the title says, I’m searching for a special tool…

It is shown in this video (reffered to as “Shell Tool”):
I asked the author of the video but I didn’t get any answers…so I searched everywhere
but I couldn’t find it…It would be great if you guys could help me out

bumpedy humpedy

Actually, it seems like the tool wasn’t widely spread, as I can’t find anything on Google, so I’d say it’s only possible to either script such a tool or to use wiremod.
Also, what do you need it for?

It seems like the shell tool is some kind of ammunition mod, but I’m uncertain as to what it is exactly.

It’s a mod for ataching some kind of shell to props wich then fires the prop…

I wanna use it for making a realistic cannon

I also searched for him on the woodenwars forum…but I couldn’t find that darn tool:aaaaa: