Searching for a gamemode i played a year ago

Soo yeeeaaah…this was the SERVER data i remember:
map: gm_atomic

gamemode info:
You were somethin like a post apocalyptic survivor and you gathered ITEM PARTS that were arround the map: like a ak47 grip, barrel etc. with the required building skill you were then able to put them together and gain a ak47, playerscould build their own houses and all that what makes a gamemode so cool i also remember it was a RP GAMEMODE ((Chatbox, ooc and that)).

Anyone help find the server/gamemode?

Maby it was called “Prop Hunt” ???

I remember it, don’t know where it is now.

There are lots of gamemode’s that could have been run on that server…

Try Nexus or DarkRP…

this was before nexus was out or what ever that kuroshit was called.

It was stalker rp by gmod4ever i think maybe idunno

i rember it!

also gms had that and still does

That’s what I was about to say.

The only gamemode I can think of that had AK47 parts was my STALKER RP gamemode, of ages yore.

And the map was rp_cscdesert_v2-1, not gm_atomic. This was before gm_atomic. :v:

And why does my past keep coming back to haunt me? :saddowns:

its fallout rolelplay u are in apocalypse u need make urself a gun or find them then u need find food can find a car and stuff yeah i dont got ip look in the server list online and search fallout rp or radbox dont know anymore the name of it i played it 2 months ago