Searching for a Mature player to play with. [DE][GER][RU]


I’m searching fora experienced player to play with. I couldn’t find a sub-forum for this so I have to post it here. Sorry <3
I’ve been playing rust for a while now. I played the closed beta and quit because I lost interests in Rust. I’m back but my buddy’s aren’t. :frowning:
Now I’m on the search for a player or even a group.

Please PM me here or on Steam if you do/are the following things:

  1. ability to talk German or Russian
  2. 17+
  3. have a microphone
  4. TS3 or Skype
  5. know the map and have basic FPS knowledge
  6. be nice

My Steam Link:

Commend, hate and masturbate

(Sorry for my bad English)

Would be willing to play with you, but dont speak german or russian

Sorry mate but that would be way to confusing for me.

The way you presented this looks like you posted it on craigslist or a dating site, no offense.

Maybe I want to date someone and do sword fights in Rust? :smiley:
Ty for telling. As I already told in my post. (Sorry for my bad English)


Learn english… easy deal

6.sorry, i’m not nice

Lats play good cop and bad cop?

Hast du TS? Wenn ja kannst du mich ja in Steam anschreiben^^